“Root of our popular civilization the fairytale, it has been fermented and expressed in all its portions: In speech or action. And when the words cannot be expressed, the hands “sing” it, through needlework, textile and woodwork……”

(Nestoras Matsas)

Through sheer genuine instinct of creators, History, Faith and Tradition become one. The legends and traditions of our people are being fermented and evolved from ordinary people, when time looses dimension. The fairytale never repeats itself, it just reforms with different fantasy elements.

The mermaid, the shape and figure that represent the legend of the Greeks, stood beyond time and became a symbol, an idea, a dream that our popular artists “intoned” each one with his own way, his own “language”. Our “ language ” could not be anything else than wood, maybe because for us “Alexander the Great lives and reigns, and his sister Lady –Mermaid still floats in open seas”.